Tap into your vitality, curiosity and creativity.

For people 60 and better to be at their best.

Live classes you'll love. 
Connections you'll cherish. 

Benefit from unlimited live and recorded fitness, wellness and enrichment classes taught by top-tier coaches who consistently receive 5 out 5-star ratings. Our more than 15 classes each week are designed for every body and everybody. From head to toe and inside and out, we've got you covered.

Meet many. Learn lots. Do more (and even teach.) Our concierge will support you. Our members will get to know you.

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Member Testimonials

"Vitality Society has been a lifeline." - Sandy R.

"A portal of community and opportunity." - Flora L.

"A game-changer for my physical and mental health." - Sue H.

"I wonder every day what I would have done without this." - Madonna A.

Artwork by member Lisa Spencer-Ballard created in the Vitality Society Heart of Art Study/Studio.

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Community Philosophy 

Many people ask, “How old are you?” But do they ever ask, “How vital are you?” If they did, could you define that energy and desire within you that has sustained you? Would you speak of your capacity for living with meaning and purpose?

Our proprietary 8-principle program is all about helping people 60 and better create a vitality pathway to positivity, purpose and pleasure. That’s why we say "60 and better" — because 60 is good, but 60+ is better.

The latest longevity research shows you live a longer and happier life the bigger your social circle beyond family and close friends. Our logo represents the infinite opportunities we provide for you to meet new people as you tap into your vitality, curiosity, and creativity. 

Refuse to be defined by age. Discover how to live the life you dreamt of for decades. Start by enjoying our free trial, click here.

Live a vital life — start now by becoming a member with just your name and email.

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What You’ll Get in Vitality Society™

Vitality Society™ is a modern and engaging online community that connects people 60 and better who refuse to be defined by age.

The online platform provides a desirable and impactful community that attracts and appeals to people 60 and better by tapping into their vitality, curiosity and creativity.

Since its Jan 2020 launch, Vitality Society has rapidly grown given members benefit from robust content and top-tier coaching, as well as a supportive community and attentive concierge.

  • Enjoy exclusive content, stimulating conversations and curated adventures.
  • Engage on zoom (online) in the context of over 15 fitness, wellness and enrichment classes each week.
  • Meet people who share your zest for life, possibly live near you or places you may want to explore.
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about what is— and is not — most important to you.
  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission.
  • Find a bit of inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each day.

About Us

Vitality Society™ was created by Meredith Oppenheim, a vitality visionary for 30 years who earned a US Congressional Award for her commitment to improving the quality and length of life of older people. Oppenheim combined her Harvard Business School MBA training with her decades as an executive in the senior housing industry, to create an 8-principle program designed to provide people 60 and better with a vitality plan to enrich their lives with community and purpose, supported by coaching.

We connect forward-thinkers, thought-leaders, and champions of change so you are individually transformed and collectively mobilized to live the life you imagine and deserve. Embark on the exciting journey of designing and experiencing your ideal vitality plan. Refuse to be defined by age at any stage.